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A review

February 25, 2012

I forgot to mention, when I bought the nail polish earlier today I also invested in a new eyebrow kit. I’ve had the SAME Benefit eyebrow kit since I was 17. That is almost 7 years. SEVEN years. It wasn’t completely out but I assure you, it looked pretty nasty. Shoppers had a 20x the points event if you spent $50 so my arm didn’t need to be twisted to have a little splurge.

This is the kit I invested in 7 years ago. The packaging is a bit different but generally the same.

The Shoppers across from my apartment doesn’t carry the full line. But, they had another one with more bells and whistles.

This kit comes with an eyeliner, that beautiful peach arch definer and the pink is ‘eye bright’. Eye bright is one of my favourite items of makeup. I’ve bought two, and lost them both.
So, I was excited to try this kit out and I’m beyond happy. I look awake, my eyebrows look clean and shaped.

Brows a-go-go $48
Wowie-wow-oh on the rate factor.


I <3 Essie

February 25, 2012

WhenI was a kid, I’d spend my allowance on nail polish. I loved it. I loved bright colours. I also loved when Calvin Klein and other scents paired up with nail polish to give you scented clear polish. I still love nail polish. Sure, I don’t have as much as I did when I was a kid but I have a lot more quality colours (and brands). I’m going to talk about my love of Essie.
I bought my first Essie polish the beginning of last December. I generally would buy Revlon because it goes on sale often and has flashy colours. I also love OPI (especially how often they feature different movies/books/celebrities) It wasn’t until I saw this shade (see below) that I was hooked on Essie.

 The colour of the picture is a little darker than the actual polish. It comes out to be this perfect soft sage green. Not only was the colour bang on, it lasted days without chipping (that is big in my books)

Yesterday when I was flipping through Shoppers Drug Mart’s flyers, I saw that Sally Hasen ‘hard as nails’ was on sale 2 for $4.49 (I also like this brand especially with the small application brush). So I went to Shoppers specifically for that and saw that Essie was on sale for $8.00. So I picked up this gem.

It’s this brilliant combination of light purple with grey. They call it ‘an autumn mulberry’ on the website. I just painted my nails this colour and I’m absolutely in love. I’m thinking this with some sew psyched spots?
I bet you anything I’ll be heading to Shoppers tomorrow to buy some more.

Be sure to visit to drool over their colours.

Birthday Tea Party

February 22, 2012

My birthday is quickly approaching. Well, not really. It’s not until April, but I feel with what I have planned I’m running out of time! I decided to have a tea party for my birthday. An elaborate, must wear a dress – eat tiny sandwiches tea party.
I’ve been having lots of fun looking at ideas on Pinterest. I should really start making these things like, now but I find by the time the weekend rolls around I’m pooped! I’m going to promise myself this Saturday I’m going to make at least one thing. I’m aiming towards the cake plates because I think they’ll be relatively easy to whip out in an hour or so.

Aren’t they darling? An old plate and a vase – both can be found at a thrift store.

I’ve always been a fan of bunting flags (and now know the official name thanks to Pinterest). I found some really neat vintage-esque fabric at Talize. It has all sorts of whimsical animals and houses on it against a pale blue hue.
I’m thinking if I use it and adhere ‘happy birthday’ or ‘tea party’ on it would be the perfect touch.

I like the idea of using different patterns.

Whats a tea party without tiny sandwiches? Instead of hunting for recipes, I’m opting to stick to flavours I love : basil, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, etc. I’m thinking of sticking to a completely vegetarian menu. I don’t think meat really fits with tea. I feel everything needs to be delicate on the palette not to overwhelm the tea.

I’m planning on baking scones and churning my own butter. I’m extremely excited to start everything.

If you want to snoop through the rest of my Tea Party board, you can right here.

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012

Today I feel so blessed and loved. I came into work and one of the property managers gave all us girls a single red rose *gush*. The general manager took all of us admin girl to Milestones for a lovely lunch. When we came back, another property manager had brought in a huge cake and strawberry cheesecake. I just walked in the door to see a lion stuffed animal holding a dozen pink roses and a box of cinnamon hearts. I’m spoiled. I hope you all feel loved.

Current Obsession

February 12, 2012

I never really thought I’d be a blazer person. To be honest, I always thought they looked stuffy. I was wrong. I bought a blazer last November (at Reitmans). It was this 3/4 sleeved, slightly rouched boyfriend style blazer. I wore (and still do) the crap out of that thing! It looks perfect with dress pants and a nice shirt, or over a dress, or with jeans (I could go on). I think it’s all about the fit. Of course, I bought three more standard, run of the mill blazers before I left Reitmans specifically for my new office job. There’s something about a blazer that instantly dresses something up. Makes it look (and feel) professional. I’m going to share a few blazers I stumbled upon to show you where my obsession is coming from.

This blazer is all sorts of fun. Not only is the colour eye catching but look at the sleeves! I’m a sucker for any rouching. It’s such a slimming way of making your arms look more toned.

I love the closure on this blazer. It’s just the right mix of boy/girl.

Why not a loud print? This blazer would look stunning with a solid dress in a mint green or a taupe. With a belt over top, ah!


This blazer has so much perfect going on! Look at those buttons! I love that it’s cropped, I love the cuffed sleeves! This needs to be over a cute, floral spring dress!



This blazer is so modern. I love the almost cardigan feel it has without the collar. The patterned cuff is simply adorable.

On the mend

February 11, 2012

I woke up just after 7 this morning solely for the fact I had to go to the bathroom. I slept til 9:30, moved onto the couch and watched two episodes of Tory & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood. All in all, other than going to the bank and to Starbucks I’ve been in bed (or the couch) all day. I’m starting to feel a lot better. Other than the occasional cough and sniffle, I feel pretty decent. I’m hoping tomorrow I can actually be productive! You know, like get dressed.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

February 9, 2012

I’ll tell you this, dragging your ass out of bed when you feel like garbage is probably the worst feeling in the world. Today was the worst day out of my whole cold. My chest ached so bad. I have athsma, so I’m prone to get bronchitis. I told my mum this morning how terrible I was feeling and she called my doctor. He sent over a prescription for some antibodics and a new inhaler. I’m hoping to feel better in the next few days. I feel so out of it. I keep making silly mistakes at work like not saving a file after I’ve printed it, etc. Crap that I’m generally on top of, but I just feel so BLAH.

My stomach currently feels off. I haven’t been eating much since I’ve been sick. I can’t taste anything. Tonight Dave wanted Tilipia so I made him that as well as mexican rice  and a mexican inspired salad. It wasn’t a good idea to have spicy food on an empty-ish stomach. I feel even worse now. As per usual, I’m looking forward to a bath and bad.