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Thrifting Finds

December 27, 2011

I meant to start this post trend a while back. Lately I’ve really been scoring with my thrift finds. Now that Christmas has come and gone I can really concentrate on making time for blogging and thrifting (two of my favourite things).
Today was 50% off everything at Talize. Usually Talize will mark up a lot of the stuff before this event to get more money out of it, but this time the prices to start were really reasonable.

I found this owl print right away.   The frame is kind of beaten up and it’s a little bit wrinkly but it’s so hard for me to turn away something that’s an owl. I’m thinking of focusing more on owl art/pictures instead of figurines – they take up SO much less space.



Okay how cute are these lil things? I’ve always had a soft spot for this sort of art. It’s so classic and homey. The frames are in great condition too.

I know I already have trees VERY similar to this. In fact, I bought them at Talize the first week of December. These are in better shape and stand better. And really, I love Christmas so I couldn’t pass them up.

This bag is absolutely full to the brim with little birds, nests, eggs and wreaths. the price was only $3.99 and with the 50% off paying only $1.99 almost felt like stealing! These birds can get pretty pricey, even at the dollar store where you only get one or two per $1. There are at least 15 birds in here! These will be great to make little Christmas (or any time) ornaments!

 I’ve always loved these white vases. My grandma always had them in her house and I’ve always just admired them. Something about the slight texture in white makes anything in them pop.

Every time I see these books at Chapters, the titles catch my eyes. I had to buy it.

I have been OBSESSED with cardigans lately. Ever since my grandma bought me the mustard yellow wool one from Talize the beginning of January I’ve been on the hunt for cozy cardigans that will work with anything. The flowers caught my eye on this one and it just fits great.

I loved the knit and gold buttons on this cardi. For some reason the colour looks red but it’s definitely a deep pink in person.

I picked this up and loved the length. I didn’t love the shoulder pads. I tried it on and was in love right away. It’s this sleek, black, slightly clingy fabric that goes right down to my knees.

I spent $27 and change with tax. Overall, I think this trip was pretty successful! I can’t wait to plan a trip to go to the Commercial Drive thrift stores which I keep hearing about.

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