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Merry (belated) Christmas!

December 27, 2011

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. I’m not quite sure who I’m saying sorry to because the only person that really reads this is me. I just wanted to say I had a very Merry Christmas even with the few hiccups that occurred.
There was a lot of running around to do these past few days. This was also the first Christmas Dave and I spent away from our ‘homes’ due to the fact our new home is just that. ‘Ours’. So, on Christmas Eve we went to my Mum’s and celebrated with some appies and drinks with my family. We also decided to open our stockings on Christmas Eve. I like opening one small gift on Christmas Eve, I always have so maybe this is the start of a new tradition. Christmas Day we both woke up with headaches (probably due to too much beer/wine) I brewed the coffee and we got to business. Dave got me a lot of things that were on my wish list, including the perfume I really wanted. I also got a GREAT crafting cart which once I fill up with all my stuff I’ll do a blog post on. He also got me The Lion King, some of my favourite treats, an owl stuffie and a new paint set! After we opened our gifts, my brother came to pick me up and I did Christmas over there then headed to my grandma’s to help her cook dinner. I crashed by 3 pm and had to have a quick cat nap. Dinner was good and as usual I ate way too much. After dessert, Dave came to get me and we went over to his parent’s so I could exchange gifts with them and his brother and sister in law. I got spoiled with lots of owl goodies (I really should do a post on all my hooters, eh!?). I had to be at work for Boxing Day the next morning early. There were SEVERAL hiccups Boxing Day and I’m glad that I was off by 1pm. Once I headed home we quickly got ready for the annual Wells’ Boxing Day Shabang. It was a lot less drama-free than last year. Unfortunately, since I’ve been on the go-go-go since the 22nd, and up since 5am on Boxing Day I couldn’t really function. Over all it was a good Christmas! I hope all of yours were wonderful as well. I leave you with our family photo.

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