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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

December 5, 2011

Today grandma and I went and spent the entire day going through thrift stores. We hit up Penny Savers, Talize, MCC Thrift Store, Salvation Army & Value Village. Penny Savers wins hands down on low prices and all the proceeds goes to Surrey Memorial Hospital. Talize is getting almost as over priced as Value Village. Salvation Army is mostly junk and over priced as well. I also noticed they weren’t as organized as any of the other thrift stores. Christmas stuff was literally in hundreds of different spots in the store. I had to say no to a nativity set I saw at Value Village because $14.99 for a used nativity set just seems still too much. I would have paid $10.
Grandma picked me up at around 10:30, we went to IHOP for breakfast and then we were thrifting until nearly 5:oo! (We also hit up Dollarama to get a stocking for me, I ended up getting much more)

I bought the two little squirrels at Talize (The candle & bird tea light holders are from Partylight from ages ago)

Tea light santa & snowman are from Penny Savers. The middle santa is from Talize. Owl on the left is from Superstore and owl on the right (Phoebe) is from when I donated to the WWF.

Hulio (Christmas gift from Dave from last year) is wearing Theo’s Santa’s hat/beard.

Our mantle. The two mini trees are from Talize from a few weeks ago. Silver disco ball ornaments are from Dollarama. Two glass vases are from Dollarama. Red berry sticks are from Michaels. Wreath was a DIY project I made a few weeks ago.

“Joy” plate was an awesome find at Penny Savers. I filled it with peppermint as soon as I got home. The plaid table cloth is a piece of fabric I got at fabricland a few weeks ago. All of the books (except one) were from Penny Savers. The Night Before Christmas was a surprise gift from my mum.

Other things I purchased today : football santa, cards, ribbon, bead garland, misc. Christmas stuff.

I think it’s extremely important to decorate on a budget. The only thing I bought new was a few of the ornaments on the tree (from Zellers) but they were on sale. Everything else was either thrifted or handmade. Why spend oodles of money when you can use that money to buy for others or save for a lovely vacation. My little nest is coming along swimmingly. I plan on making some more felt flowers to add to my tree. I’ll do another blog post in a couple of days when I’ve done some more decorating.

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