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DIY cherry-nose Santa

November 29, 2011

This craft is perfectly kid friendly and extremely cheap to make.

1. Make sure all bits of toilet paper are off your roll. You want to have a completely clean, free of paper TP roll.
2. Start looping the yarn until you have a decent handful. Do not cut the yarn until you feel you have enough. Tie a small amount of yarn around the middle of your handful. Glue this onto the middle of the toilet paper roll.

3. Once the beard is glued on, cut the “looped” bits so the beard is straight.
4. Wrap the felt around your roll and cut once it slightly over laps. Glue felt fairly close to Santa’s beard.
5. Work the square into a hat shape by bending. Glue once you have a good shape.

6. Add a white medium sized pom pom to the top of Santa’s hat.
7. At this time I painted my wooden bead with red water colour. You could also use a felt marker or wrap the bead in your left over felt. I wanted a rosy sort of feel so I chose watercolour.
8. Glue Santa’s nose right above his beard. Press firmly on his nose to ensure it stays attached.
9. Glue the two tiny black pom poms on either side of Santa’s nose.

At this stage you can attach another piece of yarn behind his hat if you want to hang Santa on your tree. There you have it! A perfectly easy, extremely kid friendly craft to make right on budget.

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