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My anchor

September 6, 2011

No matter how old you get, you’re always going to need your mommy. That fact holds especially true this past weekend. I’ve been holding in how I’ve been feeling really down. I haven’t really expressed my frustration to anyone other than Dave and he’s mildly in the same boat. I told my mum everything yesterday. I called her to tell her about the second loan to be taken out of my account. She said she was going to come to my work to talk. She showed up holding a brand new wallet for me. I burst into tears instantly. She knew I wanted a new wallet since mine was literally falling apart. Inside she had some money. We went outside to talk. To tell her everything. She knew about the student loans drama, but I also told her how I’ve been feeling like a failure. I told her I’m starting to get depressed all over again and I don’t want it to spiral out of control like it did last time. She listened and passed me Kleenex when I continued to sniffle. I told her I don’t want have to rely on her so much and I feel terrible accepting money. She said to not worry about it and she’d rather help me back onto my feet. She said she can do that now that she doesn’t have a mortgage or as many money woes as before. I can’t express how much I love my mum. She is literally there whenever I need her. She said she was disappointed that I didn’t tell her how I was feeling before hand. I told her she had a lot on her plate and I didn’t want to add to it. She said to never hold anything back. I love her.

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