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The last weekend of summer

September 1, 2011

I just realized I forgot to post about last weekend! I totally meant to because it was probably the best weekend I’ve had in a long time!
Saturday I had to work and my mum decided that was the day to redeem her groupon for the Canadians game. It was $12.00 for two tickets on groupon and it’s usually $12.00 for one so a fantastic deal.
The last baseball game I went to I think I was about 7? It brought back a lot of memories.
It’s a completely affordable family outing! Even for the full price ticket. The food was reasonably priced. My mum bought 4 hot dogs (one for her, Andrew, Kaitie & I) two beers and two bottles of water and it came to $37.50! That’s so cheap compared to the ridiclous prices at the Canucks games or anything at Rogers Arena.

Really upset I forgot my camera – I figured Andrew would have brought his, but he didn’t. I only managed to take one photo with my phone because my battery life was almost at 0%.  We really picked a great day to go! Not only did the Canadian’s win 9-4 (The Blue Jays got a last minute home run giving them 3 points) there was an awards ceremony and a fireworks extravaganza (that was actually really good)

Sunday Dave & I woke up pretty early. We planned to meet up with Sabine and Ryan and do the Grouse Grind. I was a total idiot and forgot my inhaler. I know I could have done a lot better if I had clear lungs, but all in all I’m happy I completed it without dying.




Dave and Ryan had a little photoshoot while Sabine and I were still hiking. I’m really happy to have such a supportive bff. She could have gone along ahead of me especially since she could have had a lot better time but she stuck it out with me. Next summer I plan to have my inhaler (and be a bit more in shape) and own the grind!

When we were done the birds of prey show was just starting. Sabine really didn’t want to go and later confessed to us she was scared of birds. I was beyond excited! The owl named Galaxy flew right over our heads and her wing tips actually touched the tops of mine and Ryan’s heads!

I fell in love with Grinder the grizzly. Isn’t he adorable? 800 lbs of adorable! He was lounging in the water due to the heat.

After we were done at the top of Grouse Dave conquered his fear of heights by riding the Gondola. He didn’t lose his cool and was actually able to look out the window! So proud of him. Maybe one day he can do amusement parks again?
Mum invited us over for dinner. She had set the table in the drive way under the grape vines and we had bbq Italian style.

It was such an amazing weekend with my family and friends. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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