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Day One

August 5, 2011

Didn’t stick through with the 30 day shred. I got bored of the SAME workout everyday and stopped after day 6. So, I’m trying my hand at P90X (the lean work out) Dave is like on day 35 or something and so I feel really behind. Day one is better than day none though, right?

A few things I discovered:

  • I hate push ups more than anything in this entire world.
  • Drinking water + push ups + jumping + acid reflux = me throwing up
  • Sweat + eczema on my legs = very painful
  • I hate Tony

I already lost 5 or so pounds with a combination of increased cardio and a healthier diet with smaller portions. Dave and I are going to be eating several meals out of the P90X recipe book.  I’m going to be having a protein smoothie every morning for breakfast. And I solemnly swear to reduce my carb / starch intake. So, here goes nothing (or everything). The hardest part is committing. I think doing a workout Dave is doing and having his support will be easier for me to actually stick to it. Fingers crossed!


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