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My mind is ‘shattered’

July 7, 2011

I’ve seen every other girl wearing it and I just didn’t bother going out looking for it. Every time I asked about it people generally said it was hard to find, or they had to order it online. Today at work I noticed Claudia had her nails ‘shattered’ and she said she found the polish in the mall. SO, I bought black shattered & red shattered.

I found it hard to believe that it worked instantly. I was completely shocked when I watched it shatter before my eyes in seconds. I was so excited I got Dave to watch along with me. He could care less.


Excuse the bits of gold around my nails. I was beyond excited to try this. (How many times did I say excited in this post?) Anyways! It’s super simple to do. Pick any colour of nail polish you want. I’m use Gold by Forever 21. Wait until that colour dries then apply a coat of shattered. It literally shatters within seconds! I’m so impressed. I think I might do my toes with red.

Kind of reminds me of a cheetah. I recommend you go buy a bottle immediately.

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