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Short term goals for the long term blahs

June 7, 2011

I’ve really been neglecting my poor blog lately! I have lots to say, but am finding it hard to set aside to do it. I promise I’ll be more faithful to you, oh great one!
I’ve made a few short term goals for myself and hope to make myself feel better once I achieve them.

1. Meal prep.
This is a huge one! I find when I work until 6 or 6:30 and don’t get home until 7 or later the last thing I want to do is cook. I’m really going to push myself to prep meals in advance if I get off earlier, or days that I have off. I don’t have a ton of freezer space. There are currently 8 or so frozen Michelina meals in the freezer. I know that they’re bad. Most of them are full of sodium and not the greatest. They were $1 each and they make for easy lunches. When those clear out a little bit more I’m going to be making soups, stews and sauces. I’ll freeze them and then defrosting is easy. I could eat soup everyday, I love it that much. Dave is a very meat and potatoes kind of guy. Well, not really. He does love his meat, but he likes it with a twist. Dave is a very fusion eater. He likes trying new marinades, sauces, salads etc. so I’m blessed by that.  Today I made a pasta salad for Dave to have with dinner tomorrow. We’re having an easy stir fry tonight so he can bring the left overs for lunch tomorrow. I want to get back into the habit of cooking extra.

2. Cut costs
When we first moved out the grocery bill was huge. Of course, I had to buy everything. I had to buy pesky things like baking soda, flour, oil etc. Things you always use but never really think about. Now that I have a decent collection of baking / cooking essentials I only need to focus on meat. Dave HAS to have meat for every meal. For me, I could care less. I’d be content with a veggie pasta dish, or  bread with cheese. Maybe that’s the past vegetarian coming through. Meat is very expensive. What ticks me is we can’t really stock up that much when it is on sale because of the size of our freezer. Anyways! I’m going to start researching where to get certain meats for cheaper. There is no reason why all of our meat has to come from Superstore. The chicken that I’ve bought from Superstore and Safeway are both total busts. As I’m cooking a ton of water comes out so clearly they’re injecting chicken with water to make it more plump so it weighs more so we pay more. The pork chops from there have been excellent, as well as the 4 pack of (forget what cut) steak. It was roughly $20.00 for four giant steaks. I didn’t even think I could eat that much meat but the marinade Dave put on it and the way he BBQ’d it, OMG. I’m going to let him have the portion he wants and am going to start cutting my meat in half before I freeze it. There is no reason why I need to have that many oz of meat (especially red) in one sitting. All it’s going to do is put inches on my waist and put a damper on my debit card. By researching costs of meat, and buying the best possible quality for the lowest price will make me a very happy camper.

3. Redo my resume
I’ve been very unhappy for the past few months at work. It comes and goes. I’ll be okay, and then for a month I’ll hate it and feel terrible about wasting my life away and then I’ll be okay with it again. There is nothing okay about where I work. I don’t deserve to waste my time in retail. That’s not what I was put on this planet to do. It’s not me. I deserve more money. I deserve to get weekends off. I deserve a set schedule. Me updating my resume will give me the motivation to wad my feet in the work force. It’s time to find something else. Something better.

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