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Music makes the people come together

May 3, 2011

When I was younger I use to attend concerts and shows _all_ the time. Growing older, I’ve gone to a lot less due to money having to be spent on less than fun things. This past while the amount of concert I’ve been to or are going to is astonishing. Here is a recap of what I’ve attended so far and who I’ll be seeing:

Bright Eyes. Welcome to my teens! I was apprehensive about seeing these guys and Conor. Bright Eyes defined me being a teenager. I was young, vulnerable and depressed. Coner Oberst although older, was in the same boat. Every lyric of most songs captivated me and engulfed me in a feeling of euphoria. It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to cry. Now that I’m 23 and my emotions have become more mature I felt nervous about experiencing Bright Eyes with a clear mind. I enjoyed every second of this concert. I cried on two separate occasions and had goosebumps and chills throughout the entire experience.

Tokyo Police Club with Said The Whale. I was PUMPED for this concert. Not so much for TPC (who were the headlining band) but for STW. Although STW are a local band that just got their big break by placing second in The Peak Performance Project doesn’t mean that they’re not bloody talented. Their songs are 90% about Canada and living in Vancouver. They name drop places like English Bay and The Georgia Strait. This band is all about fun and story telling. Great concert. Especially the encore when Dinosaur Bone, Said The Whale and Tokyo Police Club came out with K-os and sang a cover of a Kanye West song. Hilarious.

Upcoming concerts:

The Pixies
Kenny Chesney
The Tragically Hip with Hey Rosetta!

I also just found out Sia is coming. I’m broke. Good bands can stop coming all at once. AH!


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