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April 5, 2011

My birthday was yesterday. I’m 23 years old. Jesus Christ. In 2 years I’ll be 25 and in 7 I’ll be 30 (I’m good at figuring simple stuff like that out thanks to Rebecca Black)
On Friday night Sabine and I went out to the race track for Jesse’s birthday. I got way too drunk way too quickly. I think it’s because I had no idea how horse races work and what to do or how to act. So I decided to just give in. After that we went to Gabby’s. I love country music yet I’ve never been to a country bar. It was quite the experience. Saturday Dave & I finished unpacking and went on our first grocery shop (in a VERY busy Superstore) Saturday night we went for my birthday dinner to The Italian Kitchen. It was great seeing Annamaija & Emma. I miss them all the time and hope to see them more often. Dinner was great. After wards we went to Bella Gelateria. I follow them on twitter and was impressed with all the organic ingredients they used. They did not disappoint. I had the Earl Grey tea flavour, it was yum and a half. Sunday morning Andrew, grandma, grandpa and I took dad out for brunch. It was yum. Basically Sunday I continued to unpack / organize. We’re about 95% set up! It’s a good feeling. Monday I went out for lunch with grandma to the Olive Garden. I got their chicken gnocci soup. I’m REALLY going to have to try and make it myself, it was delish. When I got home Dave had my birthday present waiting for me : a kitten. Even though I had already known that I was going to get one, it was still fantastic to walk in and see the tiniest little black furball. I named him Theodore (Dave’s been calling him Theo) I’m in love with him already and will post way too many pictures soon.

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