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March 14, 2011

Well we’ve gone and moved. About 90% of the stuff of our house is either at Nonna’s or in storage. A lot of our stuff is also in the garage. I’ve been slowly unpacking my stuff and organizing it. The room is a bit smaller than mine (and will be even more smaller once my bed comes in here and the old bed leaves) I also am using two drawers in a dresser that is already in here (that is a lot smaller than my own dresser) I’ve been going through stuff and getting rid of it. I so far have a box of stuff to bring to Value Village and another box of stuff for Consignment. I also have a few grocery bags of garbage (with clothes that are beyond wrecked that I was holding onto for some peculiar reason) All in all I think it’s going smoothly? As smoothly as it can be from downsizing like crazy. Also, the cats have been freaking out. Smudge comes out from under the bed every once in a while but currently him, Oliver & Lucy are under my bed and Aurora is down in Andrew’s room under his bed.
My back is so very sore from the old beds here. I cannot wait until we can bring our own mattresses from storage. It literally feels like I was hit from a car.

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