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Valentines Day

February 13, 2011

Valentines day isn’t for another hour, but I decided to write about it now. I get to spend Valentines day with one of my best friends baking cupcakes followed by dinner and snuggles with my boyfriend.
A lot of people don’t like Valentines day, Dave being one of them. I guess in a way he is right. It is a made up holiday which forces girlfriends to make their boyfriends feel bad and pan out $40.00 for some piece of shit roses that will wilt in a week. I don’t like that aspect of Valentines day. I like that Valentines day is dedicated to love. What’s better to celebrate a holiday dedicated to love with the one you love?

Dave read these really lousy poems to me yesterday that someone on his facebook wrote. Kind of put me in the mood to write something poem-like. I use to write them a lot as a kid / teenager, wish I still had some of them. This is for you. I’m pretty rusty!

You make my heart flutter
You make my chest all tight
My skin gets goose bumps
I have a silly grin plastered to my face
I love you
My stomach full of butterflies
My hand fits right inside yours
You’re my missing piece
I fit snug in the crook of your arm and I in the nook of your side
I love you
Your smell makes me dizzy
Your kiss leaves me eager for more
I’m selfish for your arms around me
You’re my best friend
I love you
You’re my happily ever after
My til’ death do us part
A forever, and ever amen
I love you
I have an addiction to your touch
A connection to your soul
Your love in return is a prize
Your skeleton key fits
In my heart shaped locket
Showing our true colours
I love you
You make my insides burst
Our own private fireworks show
A spark that will not cease
My forever
My always

Happy early Valentines day. I hope you know I love you big papa sloth.

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  1. shipwrecks permalink
    February 15, 2011 7:52 pm

    That was so sweet I’m pretty sure I just got diabetes.

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