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Nervous new beginnings

February 9, 2011

Today we got word that our house did in fact sell. My mum signed the papers and as soon as she talks to the Realtor (Andrew’s girlfriend’s mom) and get’s final word, it’s go time. Our move out date is March 15th but we can basically start moving now since we’re just going to Nonna’s house. I was going to tell my mum tonight that Dave & I are going to be moving in together the beginning of May but then I grew chicken. She’s not feeling well, and I know that it’s going to be more than a 5 minutes conversation. I’m her oldest, and her only child. There’s probably going to be tears. I’ll wait until we have the day together and then tell her. Then we can start stocking up on house hold items (with our coupons) for me when I need them for May. What do you say? How do you bring this up in conversation? “Mum, I’m moving out” or what? Dave and I have only been together for 7 months, but it feels like a lot longer. Is that too soon? What if she questions my readiness? Am I stupid to even say that? I know I’m ready. I love him as a boyfriend and as a best friend. I know she’s gonna say “do you know how much it costs to live on your own?” Yes. I know bills need to be payed, the fridge needs to be filled and rent needs to be paid. Maybe she’ll be a little easy on me since she’ll be living at Nonna’s and will look at it as one less mouth to feed. When it comes down to it, I’m her first chick to leave the nest and it’s going to be emotional.

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