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February 7, 2011

I’m a kid at heart. I absolutely love cartoons and Disney. Over the past while (well, since I’ve been buying DVDs) I always seem to opt for DVDs that I like at that moment. Sure, I still like them but I feel I should be investing in classics. You know, Disney. I can enjoy them now, and then enjoy them with my kids.
Here are a list of movies I’d like to own :
(and I know some of these are coming out of the vault soon)

-The Lion King
-Snow White (I know, why don’t I own this? I put it on a Christmas list and I thought everyone would get me it and no one did!)
-Monsters Inc
-The Ice Age trilogy
-Beauty and The Beast
-The Sword in the Stone
-Robin Hood
-Toy Story Trilogy
– The Rescuers
– Oliver & Company
– Pete’s Dragon
– Gordy
– Pinocchio
– Lady and the Tramp
– 101 Dalmations
– The Aristocats
-The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
– The Fox and the Hound
– Little Mermaid
– Aladin
– Pochahontas
– Lilo and Stitch

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