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January 9, 2011

After years of not having it, it’s finally here. I almost for the uncomfortableness of it all. The woozy, topsy turvy feeling in your stomach. The chills racing up and down your arms and spin. Your flush cheeks and the constant need to sleep. Welcome, flu! My mum got the flu yesterday. Completely suddenly with almost no warning signs. But isn’t that how it usually happens? I’m stuck here at work. I called my ASM to see if she could come in and cover for me for a few hours, but she didn’t answer. I hope she calls back. This whole running to the bathroom stuff is getting old. I want to curl up into bed with my hot water bottle. My mums seemed to be totally 24 hours after she slept all day. If I can go home and sleep then hopefully I’ll be better by tomorrow (my day off) ugh! 😦

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