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January 5, 2011

So, I just happened to glance at F21 and noticed the owl thermal top I’ve been wanting for a while is now available AND that they had some cute dresses on sale. I finally ordered. I’ve had three colours of nail polish sitting in my cart on there for weeks, well before Christmas and I’m finally going to own them now that I ordered some more stuff. Here are my purchases:































I’ve had my eye on the dusty blue for almost two months now. Isn’t it lovely?












This dress was only $8.99!! I bought this other really pretty black and pink floral dress with butterfly sleeves but I can’t post it due to it selling out! I’m happy I purchased it when I did 🙂










This navy parka – style hoodie was only $7.99!! What a steal of a deal.












Isn’t this thermal adorable?! I have almost no long sleeve items.
So three bottles of nail polish, a hoodie, two dresses and a thermal top cost me $74.00 with shipping/handling & tax. Not bad, not bad at all! I love that I was going on and on about not spending and then I go on F21. Oh well, with spring fast approaching I need some new dresses.

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