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November 3, 2010

Why is it we let every day things distract us? For instance, right now I should be working on the magazine ad – redesign for Production Procedures. Am I working on it? Sort of. I’m getting distract by me being thirsty, wanting candy, playing Family Feud on facebook, my phone, bbm, this blog, anything under the sun except the actual project? Is it because I find the project uninspiring? Yes. But why should that be an excuse to distract myself & procrastinate? Beats me! Even with the best of assignments and projects I find myself distracted. Does that mean I’m a scatter brain? Does that mean I’m unorganized? I know I have some room for organization in my life. I actually have a lot of room, it’s just a matter of embracing organization. Maybe if my desk wasn’t so ‘all-over-the-place’ I’d be able to focus a little more.
Any one of the following spaces would be amazing to work at.




















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