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Halloween post

November 2, 2010

Wow, I haven’t updated since the 29th! (shame on me) I’ve been busy. I made sure I didn’t do any homework at all during the weekend since it was Dave’s birthday. I’m a little behind but since I ended up getting rid of 2 out 3 shifts at work this week I have the afternoons / evenings to work on projects. As you can see by the picture I posted I was a flapper and if you’re wondering what Dave was…he was Bob Ross. You know….Joy of Painting? Happy lil’ bushes and secret places? Basically a huge stoner with a giant afro.
Dave absolutely loved all the presents I gave him. I bought him a box set of Art Spiegelman’s ‘Maus’. It’s a comic based on the true stories of Spiegelman’s fathers WW2 horrors. Dave is a HUGE WW2 buff so I knew he’d be stoked on it. I also bought him the What Dreams May Come DVD since it’s one of his favourite movies. I had never seen it so we were going to watch it on Sunday night but the freaking dvd was shotty and it had some weird bubbles in it (thanks  A LOT Amazon!). I got him the Pufnstuf DVD. Which is movie based on the 1970s show (titled the same name). It’s a huge trip of a movie…they say it has nothing to do with drugs but I’m pretty sure they’re lying. Even watching it completely sober you feel like you’re high. I bought him two cross word puzzles (he loves them), some of his favourite candy / chocolate, a stuffed animal cat (I call him Kitten-Pants) AND the new Bedouin Soundclash album which I can’t recommend enough!

On Monday while I was at school my  mum called me and said she ended up getting tickets to the game from her work and asked if I wanted them (uhhh, yes!). So Dave & I headed to Rogers Arena (STILL feel weird not calling it GM Place) We had awesome seats. Section 108 (River Rock Club area) row 16. It was a great game. We won 3-0 against NJ, Lu had a shutout, two pretty decent scraps & Hank got his first goal of the season on a penalty shot. I’m happy Dave had a good birthday weekend. I can’t imagine having my birthday on a holiday (his is October 31st) I would feel like people would kind of forget about it. So I’m happy I was able to make him feel special, because he is special.

Now that it’s November I can get fully stoked for Christmas. Some people can (and will) argue it’s too early, but fuck em’ (yeah I swore, big whoop!)

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