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Scared Stupid

May 21, 2012

Yesterday was kind of the last straw. I packed up my stuff (well, some of it) and am now staying at my mum’s.
Dave and mine living situation wasn’t working. I wasn’t feel loved or appreciated and I found I wasn’t at home a lot of the time because I wasn’t happy. He hates his job a whole lot and is pretty short tempered because of it. Hurtful words were used and now I’m at my mum’s.
I decided last night to let Dave know that Theo is okay and that I have a lot of thinking to do. I have been thinking. And really, everyone can give me their opinion all they want but at the end of the day I’m a big girl and I can make up my own mind. I love Dave. I know our relationship is far from perfect and he has a lot of kinks he has to work on and so do I. I believe him when he says he’s going to become a better person. I believe that words can be forgotten if the apology is from the heart.
I appreciate all the help my family gave me when I felt I was in trouble. I appreciate every single phone call, text message and tweet I received in the past 32 hours. You can’t choose who you fall in love with, and even though at times it’s messy I fully believe love conquers all.
I’m going to be at my mum’s house until Dave finds someone to talk to and find a better way to cope with his stress. While I’m here I’m going to work on being happy and being the best me I can be.
I’m looking forward to see how the next few months unfolds.



April 17, 2012

So, it took waiting for Dave to do the Sun Run to finally get myself motivated to get in shape. As I sat waiting for him at the Terry Fox memorial, I looked all all of these toned legs and arms walking past me. 
Feeling inspired; on the commute home I stopped by She’s Fit to register. I got there at 1:20 pm and sadly they close at 1:00 on Sundays. I didn’t let that get me down. I went yesterday, signed up and worked out and felt amazing afterwards. I’m going to start out slow. I did 40 mins on the elliptical, followed by some ab and leg work. 

I have a goal to be down 15 lbs by the start of July. I have Jesse/Sarah’s wedding to go to on July 9th and Amanda/Mitch’s wedding to go to August 10th. I’m using that as MAJOR inspiration. There’s nothing worse than attending something important where photos will be taken and you look back and feel embarrassed. 
Furthermore, the talks of Mexico in November are happening. If that doesn’t inspire me to get fit I don’t know what will.  

Up cycled Tshirt

April 15, 2012

I always see DIY tutorials to restyle your tshirts. I’ve looked at a few and since I’m not a sewer, I’d admire then move on.
I decided today to just wing one. No sewing, just cuts.


Step one: Grab a tshirt!


Step two!

Cut off arms, neckline, back etc.


Step three!
Try it on!


I ended up making the shirt too tight because I tied it too much in the back (it’s a racer back). However, it being too tight gets rid of the fact I would have had side boob.



April 9, 2012

Getting together with family and eating turkey & all the fixings is probably my favourite thing. Throw in lots of pastels, cute animals and intricate egg designs and you have Easter.


I think I get my love for decorating from my grandma. Every single holiday she has the house decked out. Easter was no exception.


Purple, pink & yellow look so eccentric together and so perfectly Easter.


I love the fact the daffodils are popping up everywhere! It’s a sign that Spring has indeed sprung and Summer is just around the corner.


Do you decorate your house for Easter? I actually didn’t put up a single Easter decoration this year. It makes it hard when Theo is the most curious cat I’ve ever met.


Easter discoveries: Jalapeno jelly tastes extremely good on top of dill pickles (thanks to Grandpa for finding that one out)


Happy Easter everyone! I hope you ate way too much food and waddled home 🙂

Birthday Tea Party

April 6, 2012

Last Sunday I had a ladies only tea party. Even though I felt somewhat rushed, and I didn’t have all the detailsI wanted I think it turned out pretty great.

Here is the invitation I had

My colour scheme was pink, green, yellow, cream and some hints of bolder colours like red. I had a lot of fun with table clothes as you can see.

The tea selection was very important to me. All of my teas came from Pekoe Tea Lounge. I had classic flavours like orange pekoe and my favourite earl grey, as well as unique flavours like tiramisu, apple pie and grapefruit pepper. I had all sorts of tea enhancers like lemon, sugar and mint. As well as milk and agave.

I wanted to use classic china cups. I had two different patterns. One of the patterns was a gift from my grandma. I originally intended to use them to make tea cup candles but didn’t get around to making them yet.

My mum and I made a variety of tiny sandwiches. Cucumber & cream cheese, avocado with cucumber and cream cheese, honey maple ham with havarti & lettuce and radish with cucumber. Aren’t the radish mushrooms my mum carved adorable?

I made earl grey cookies with a yummy amount of tea in it (almost 3 table spoons). They were the same texture as short bread, mmm.

I made lemon vanilla cupcakes with a lemon butter cream. The cupcake holder was a great Winners find.

I wanted to have a piece of art that had to do with tea so I picked one of my favourite quotes that is basically me in a nut shell.

I used some scrabble tiles to spell out ‘adore tea’ I thought it looked cute next to all the tea fix ups.

Melissa enjoying her first cup of grapefruit pepper. She thought it would be interesting to not use a tea filter and chew the bits of fruit.

My grandma and her amazing tea party hat.

Isn’t Melissa’s dress wonderful?

My mum found the perfect mint green floral dress!

The ever lovely ladies Lindsay & Candice.

The amazing chocolate ganache cupcakes Candice made me! If you ever need a cake or cupcakes or other baked goods she’s your girl! She’s the un-official official baker of the Vancouver Canucks. Visit Baked in Vancouver for details.

Katherine and I.

Tess’s lovely pink & grey ensemble.

Jocelyn’s perfect polka dots!

Julia and I.

Nonna, grandma, mum & I.

Candice had on this great ‘mullet’ dress. I don’t know what else to call it. It’s short in the front and longer in the back. I definitely need to buy one of those dresses.

Lindsay had on this great floral tiered dress! Super girly.

Sabine, myself and Melissa. We all realized we had brown shoes on which isn’t that abnormal but we thought it was kind of funny.

Outfit details:
Cardigan – Reitmans
Dress – Winners
Fresh water pearls – gift from Nonna
Gold butterfly brooch – gift from Nonna
Shoes (not pictured) – Blowfish

All and all I had a lovely time. Everyone felt so feminine. It’s always nice to feel like a lady. I definitely want to host another tea party, maybe with a different summer scheme. I just had the best idea! An ICED tea party  in the summer. Now that the wheels are turning I’ll have to start planning.

Thrift finds

March 30, 2012

One of my latest obsessions (other than brooches) is slightly tacky art. I live for it. I think I mostly like the thrill of the hunt at a thrift store. Dave absolutely hates everything on the wall but it makes me so incredibly happy looking at it.


Not all of them are from thrift stores. The three circle ones near the bottom I created. The two white gorgeous cat prints are from Flapper Doodle. The Andy Warhol print was a Christmas gift from Mallory a few years ago and the white painting on the ugly grey panel (I really have to cover it up better) is a piece I bought in Cuba.

I don’t think I can stop until the wall is completely full.

The Hunger Games (a review)

March 24, 2012

Everyone keeps asking for my opinion on how I liked/didn’t like the movie. I’m going to spew out my opinion. If you haven’t read the books / seen the movie / don’t want a spoiler then don’t read this.


I first read The Hunger Games (book one) roughly 5 years ago. I didn’t get a chance to read the last two books until recently. I read the first book in a frenzy. I couldn’t put it down! It grasped my attention almost immediately. There was hardship, violence, love, danger, action, adventure and so much more all in one book! After I finished Catching Fire and Mocking Jay I haven’t been so in love with a book series then I was at that moment.

I had high expectations for the movie. I kept hearing nothing but good reviews. 4 stars everywhere. After I read a few interviews with Jennifer Lawrence I was excited. 

Yesterday I saw the movie and let me tell you, I was worried within the first 15 minutes of it. They showed very little of District 13. Where was all the poverty? Why didn’t they show more of how Katniss’ mom was a complete lump? How come they didn’t show more relationships with how Katniss reacted with her ‘friends’ (the people she traded with). I hated how she got the pin in the movie, it was a lot more interesting in the book. The movie was incredibly shaky. I understand they wanted to show panic, but was it necessary to do a ton of quick panning throughout the introduction? It left me feeling dizzy and nauseous. 

Once in the games, they showed hardly any relationships! Katniss’ and Rue’s relationship was less than 10 minutes long. This made me mad because in the book I cried when Rue died and Katniss put flowers all around her. How could Katniss be so heart broken when the relationship and connection just wasn’t there?

Peta & Katniss’ romance was hardly there either! There was only a few kisses and hardly any connection. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why they were favoured and why they won.
I was really looking forward to seeing how they put the other Tributes eyes into the beasts, but they left that out as well!
Throughout the movie, a lot of people were laughing at perfectly serious parts. When they showed Gale’s face when Katniss and Peta shared their first kiss, stuff like that.

Honestly, I can’t stress how high my expectations were for this movie and how disappointed I am. I understand that it won’t ever be as good as the book because I make up my own imagery in my head as I’m reading but I thought it would be better than this. Okay, it wasn’t complete crap but I honestly think if they split it up between two movies and the first part showed more of their hardships and maybe did a little showing of exactly WHY The Hunger Games exists except for showing the little 30 second clip of District 13’s downfall. Ugh. I could go on forever. I’m never going to have any expectations for a book turned movie again. Although, I’ll still see Catching Fire and Mocking Jay.

On the plus side, I think Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss perfectly. It just couldn’t make up for all the tiny details that made the book so good.